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Recording audio. Internal, or USB 2.0?

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I have a Mac Book Pro.


I've only recently heard about the idea of keeping separate hard drives for audio, projects, samples, etc, and I am thinking about starting to record audio (and keep projects) onto my 1TB WD MyBook USB 2.0 external, which is 7200rpm.


My question is though, is USB 2.0 too slow to be worth going external, or is this a good idea? Even if I had a firewire external drive, I would still be using up my 1 firewire port with my Firepod (old PreSonus interface) every time I am recording audio.

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Did not know that, thanks.


FireWire 800 is backwards-compatible, and unlike USB the FireWire bus speed is not diminished when a slower FireWire 400 device shares a FireWire 800 bus.


From here: http://8help.osu.edu/1249.html


I feel like the blind man who one day realizes he was just wearing a hat that was too big.


Edit; So what happens when you've got a FW800 hub, with one 800 and one 400 device connected to it?

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