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App Store impact on small developers

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I hope I'll be able to sell my plug-ins via the App Store later this year. Anybody know about plug-ins?


Nope, the app store does not allow system utilities or plug-ins. It does not fit the infrastructure of installation they have built. You can only sell end user applications.


A cool feature would be App Store integration with Logic Pro... whoops just ordered a plug-in. And again. And again. :)


I completely agree about the integration. Basically an "in app purchase" of vendor and 3rd party plug-ins. Interestly, Microsoft has done this very thing with the latest version of their development environment--when in the dev environment, you can go to the "plug-in manager" (they call it extension manager) and browse the "Online Gallery" for MS and third party plug-ins and download/install them.


I hope this does get added to the app store as it would be a very nice feature indeed.

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