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Hard Drive Upgrade, RAID, Internal vs Internal, SSD

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Hello everyone!


So I'm looking to make use of the potential for expansion in my Summer 2010 Mac Pro (2.8 Quad Core) that I got back in November. Right now I have the OS and Logic stored on the internal 1TB drive, and my projects and samples/plugins are stored on an external Maxtor USB 500gb hard drive (back from when I was using a mac mini). The external is partitioned - samples and projects on one half, time machine backup on the other.


Obviously I would love to make excellent use of the Mac Pro's 3 empty HD bays. I've been looking into both Seagate and Western Digital SATA II drives (2 TB). I've also been looking into SSD drives. I've heard that the SSD drives are great when booting the OS and Logic, however the difference with project and plugin seeking apparently isn't all that great (I'm about to upgrade my stock 3gigs of ram to 12gigs to accomplish this). I've never had problems with 7200rpm hard drives in the past.


I'm going to go on the assumption that having everything loaded onto the internal drives would be most efficient, however I think I'll maintain the external drive for the time machine backups.


Also, I've finally looked into RAID (and it's terminology shifts throughout the ages) in order to get a better understanding, but honestly, I don't know if it would be better for logic or not.


Any insight, experience and suggestions is greatly appreciated!

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Thanks triplets!


Definitely worth looking into. I just essentially saved $1300 by being able to get my old Roland RD-500 repaired rather than buying a Doepfer keyboard, so I'll reinvest those funds in hard drives. Which ones would you recommend?

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7,200 rpm internal SATA Seagate drives, the newer and the larger the better.


This is the newest, biggest, fastest - but quite expensive:



If you're looking to save money get that one instead:


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Thanks David!


Definitely going to invest there. Would you recommend the setup that triplets suggested?


You're welcome!


A simple and effective approach on your Mac Pro:

System drive

Projects drive

Optional Samples drive

Optional Backup drive


Never partition, don't use Raid.


Use external hard drives to backup.


Yes, I recommend that setup.

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