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Bass for Eletronic Music.

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Of course there are PlugIns which are specially designed to design basses, but with Logic's ES2 you can all ready create great sounding basses for electronic or other music. If you really need an other Synth I would look for Audio Units (AU) rather tan for VST plugins. Because for Logic you need AUs. you could look here:


or I like Native Instruments Synths a lot.

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You're aware that Logic doesn't use vst's (but Audio Units) ? You probably mean software instruments.


ESM/ES1 are good for basses. Any synth with a second osc with a sine wave 1 or 2 oct below can get good bass sounds (ES2 for example).

3rd party synths: personally I use Fabfilter Twin2 for everything subtractive related. Alchemy, Dcam, Poly KB2, synapse Dune are all analog sounding synths that would allow you for bassy music.


It also depends on what style of music you do, for dnb and alike, ESM for ex would not fit since it only has no detune/unsion


If you struggle getting a good subby sound, instead of boosting the lows, try high shelving everything above 100hz down a few db's.

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Frankly you can make some great ones in Logic with the built in synths and effects.


Unlike many third party synths where they have loads of onboard effects, you need to add the effects to the signal chain when using Logic synths.


In addition to neXus pointed out above, Sylenth1 is used on alot of dance music.


I personally like NI's Massive for gritty growling bass.


As for two plug-ins specifically designed for bass, you can try Spectrasonics Trilian and Rob Papens SubBoomBass.

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