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Importing Video: Logic shows the movie but not the waveform


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This is really weird. For some reason, when I drag a movie into to Logic to clean it up, the waveform appears to be nonexistent. The movie plays fine and I can move the playhead to different positions in the movie but audio editing is impossible without the transients.


It's a normal movie that someone sent me to work on from FCP and exported using Quicktime. I even tried to bring it in and out of Itunes and that didn't work.


I drag the movie into an audio track which causes a window to pop up asking to extract the audio, video or both. I tried both and even just audio and just video. And if I do too much, Logic crashes.


The movie is about an hour long or so. I'm on an Imac i7 with 12 gigs of 1333Mhz ram.


Any ideas?





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