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Can't open Logic, stops while scanning AU [SOLVED]


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Hi, i can't open my logic for a couple of days!

It stops during the scan of the audio units, it doesn't seem to find them!

When i force to open a project, by clicking on file menu/recent project, the project appear with all the plug ins crossed out and when i try to listen to it a message says me there is a issue with a midi delay (sorry that's in french, i'm not sure if it's the correct translation).

So i verified all the permission, tried to reinitialised the midi devices, uninstall/install logic, but nothing changed.

I finally decided to clear all my component files (hd and users ones), but nothing changes, when i reinstall logic, it seems to block during the scan of the audio units.....

now i don't know what to do!!

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Did this start happening after you installed a specific plug-in?


You could try opening Logic in AU-Safe Mode to find out which plug-in is causing the problem.

Uninstall or try to re-validate the plug-in.


If after doing this Logic still won't launch properly, I'd delete the audio units cache file (com.apple.audiounits.cache) located in ~/Library/Caches.



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I wanted to offer my two cents. I was having the same problem with Logic hanging at the Scanning Audio Units pop up, but only in my kids' user account; Logic worked fine in my account.


After seeing the suggestion to delete ~/Library/Caches/com.apple.audiounits.com, I checked out its permissions. It had two different permissions for "everyone" -- one permission was "Read Only," and the other permissions was "Custom." I could not delete either of the "everyone" permissions, so I set them both to "Read/Write," and that solved the problem.


But since I still had two different "everyone" permissions, my OCD was activated, and I just deleted the file, and Logic rebuilt it.



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