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Text Size in Logic - Petition to Apple


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Hi. I bought acopy of Logic years ago, but still can't use it as i'm using a macbook pro. I find the text size in Logic gives me eye strain every time I use it, so I've had to stick to cubase (or cubug as they are calling it these days). All I wasnt to know is this.. am I the only person? I recently bought a hi res monitor and had to send it back because Final cut was too small on it. I'm using adobe CS5 no problems. The text in most other packages is nearly TWICE as big. What's going on apple? Anyway if anyone else if finding this problem, cab you please bump this post, and I'll pass the info on to apple. Also, if anyone else is finding the text size a problem, can they please also contact apple? I know it's not my eyesight as I spend 10 hours+ on cubase no probs.
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is that supposed to be funny? huh..



Agree, users at least should be given an option to resize fonts. That was very first thing that struck me, like "oh no.."


Funny? No, it's rather sad.


If I am near sighted and I take my glasses off, then I cannot see the computer keyboard letters. I should partition Apple to make a keyboard that allows me to resize my keyboard letters on the keys.


I would rather the Logic developers NOT introduce 50 new bugs just so you can resize your fonts. I am working with a 13" macbook and it is connected to a 23" monitor. I can see fine on both.


It would be easier and better for everyone if you take action to correct your vision. If you need better glasses (reading glasses from walmart or prescription glasses from an optometrist) suited specifically for computer use, I would strongly recommend that option to prevent harmful eye-strain.

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