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MY E Drum

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I want to record with my E drum (2box). Yesterday I bought a cable and I connected from out 1,2 over my keystudio 49i (which is also an audio interface) to logic. but now when i want to record and when i press the input button it makes a noisy and weird sound and also the recorded drum sounds bad!


What am I doing wrong or what is wrong?


Thanks much and I hope you can help me Im very dissapointed :(


Here the links:


keystudio: http://www.m-audio.com/images/global/media_hqpics/keyStudio_49back.jpg


My 2box edrum page 7 are the outputs!

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per USB you cant send MIDI with my drum! but ithibk this should be possible over a midi connection frum my drum to the keyboard and then tothe Mac! The noizze i think is because of a bad connection! Thabks for your help¨!
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