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Can Logic plug ins remove background noise from interview?

Music Spirit

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A friend with an important interview recorded in noisy conditions has asked me to help remove background noise - never done this technically.


Is there a Logic or third party plug in that would could remove background noise from a spoken word interview? Have tried EQ which improves the sound slightly but not a solution.


Anyone with specialised knowledge of this sound editing operation?





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I not an editing specialist but I think you'd be better off using Sound Track Pro for this task. Open the file in STP and select an area of background noise only. Select 'Set Noise Print' - I'm not at my Mac now but I think it's in the process menu – anyway I’m sure you’ll find it.


Once you've set the noise print select the entire file then 'Noise Reduction' from the menu. Click the play button in the dialogue box and you can listen as you make your adjustments, you can AB the processed & non processed sound or even listen to the noise only. When you're happy with the settings just click the Apply button.


Of course the results will depend on how bad the noise was and how much you need to clean it up so YMMV. Too much processing may start to affect your wanted signal but you should be able to improve things; I've gotten useable results from some noisy recordings using STP.


Good luck,



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