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Midi Drifts 1 Beat When Recording to Audio [SOLVED]


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I've searched around and can't find an answer to this issue. I am slaving several midi instruments to Logic 9. I believe my sync settings are fine. When I simply play, all the gear matches up tightly to the beat.


When I record, the recording image looks right, the sound is right, etc.


However, when the recording stops, the image seems to lose the first beat, then bumps the audio 1 beat forward. To correct, I have to move the recording audio 1 beat forward.


Any help would be great. Thanks.



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Ok, to be more clear - this is happening whenever I record. Initially I though it was step-sequencers and clock. Not the case. If I just record straight from a keyboard, timing is good while recording. When the recording stops, my audio places itself a bit before the 1.


Any thoughts?

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