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Sampling from my computer into Logic Pro 7 live time?


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I think it's 7 that I have...


I want to record my live streams and music I'd play off, maybe my iTunes, and it'd come through my laptop speakers or any monitor/headphones I have plugged in.


Is there a way to do this? It always tries to seem to pick up my input/mic etc. Even if it's not plugged in.


Thank you in advanced.

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Hey Jackson, this is funny.


I tried digging up my old post somewhat related to this topic but couldnt find it, so I posted this one.


While I was waiting for people to reply on this one, I found my old post.


You actually posted about SoundFlower and I am downloading it now.





You mentioned creating an aggregate device.


I've opened Audio MIDI Setup.


Are you familiar with what I'll want my input and output to be?

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