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Syncing midi automation recording within Logic

Wave Mekanix

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Pretty basic but I couldn't find it.


Recording automation with my mouse in touch and latch mode- Played back its delayed about 400ms. Obviously a bit of latency. I noticed I can fix this by adjusting the 'delay MTC compensation by' preference parameter, but I was wondering if there was a more accurate/permanent fix. Like, is there a way to record midi, where it takes latency into consideration and records it late at the same time you hear it.


Reading the manual I thought the plugin latency compensation parameter in audio preferences might take care of this, but it was already set to "all". Turning it off seemed to make it closer actually, but not quite there.


I might end up using the 'low latency mode' button, but I'll be doing this with plugins a bunch so I'd rather not.

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