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Score Editor: Triplet display problem

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In the above illustration the piano right hand notes displayed on beat 4 in the middle ( with the single red oval) needs to be displayed on beat 4 just before the repeat sign ( red oval + orange square)


But it needs to be displaced as in the notes contained in the orange square on the right.


This orange square represents my 'work around' which involves making the C an independent quaver with unsightly tail ;(


When I tried to create the same figure on beat 4 just before the repeat bar line.. Logic goes haywire.. creating crotchet rests and displacing the F to the first beat of the next bar...???!!!


This does not happen if the triplet consist of single notes and inserted quaver rests... but as soon as I try and make a chord ie add the C below the Eb, the crazy behaviour develops.


* * *


The reason I post the this extremely obscure point is because I have an entire 5 page piano chart to prepare for this piece which is in 12/8 and this kind of score issue is completely bogging me down


* * *


Any suggestions gratefully received if you have the time





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SOLVED: I just discovered it was a simple question of adjusting the Staff Style Quantize from 4,12 to 8,12


Apologies for hoisting the MAY DAY flag too soon




PS Dreadful how nearly an hour of prime time gets chewed up over a simple error like this...


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