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EXS24 samples not playing on correct MIDI notes?


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Hello. I'm having some problems with this plugin. I import drum samples by dragging, I choose "contiguous", (I also tried auto map and drums but these are worse.) EXS24 sets the samples in random order. Done. Fine.

Problem: I need to re-arrange them to places on the ESX24 keyboard that are more convenient. I can drag the little boxes above the keys on the keyboard and the positions change on the list but they don't change on the keyboard. I also change the key (c1, c2 etc. and the high/lo key range on the list to match the osition on the keyboard.) I'm sure this was working before but now I must be missing something.

I'm using a Alesis QS6 as a controller.

Any help is appreciated.

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So you're saying that after you've adjusted the position of a zone (meaning you've changed its key range), the wrong sample plays when you play a MIDI note, correct?

Yes. After it's moved/changed it's still in the same position the ESX put it in.


Did you save the instrument?

I DID save it.

I discovered a possible issue. The samples I'm using are very old made in like Logic 3.7 and they are labeled 'sd2f' in the finder. Maybe I should convert them to waves????

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