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mono/stero conflict in Logic Pro 7 5.1 session


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-I opened an old 5.1 mixing/editing session, and the session can't find the audio, despite trying to manually relink them when the session loads, so the tracks open up with blank regions

-When I try to relink the audio by clicking on the regions in each track, I get an error message "Mono/Stereo Conflict!"

-Doesn't go away if I change the track hosting the audio to mono or stereo....

-The audio files play when I drag them into a completely new session, so they seem to be OK


I feared the session file may be corrupted but then, the same thing is happening in earlier versions of the same file that I had saved as backups, so it makes me think there's something about the way the audio is talking to the session?


thx for any help

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