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How to sync Logic with AKAI MPK mini


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hello all,

I am pretty new to logic and even newer to the world of midi controllers. after searching the internet for hours trying to find a tutorial to set up a midi controller with logic I still was unable to sync my MPK mini properly. Here is what ive done and what is going on.

I installed the drivers that came with. opened up the editor (program that accompanies the keyboard) as well as logic. Now, Logic only recognizes the MPK when the editor is open as well. Not sure if that is a problem but what is a problem is that the damn thing wont make any noise! or input any data what so ever. Ive read every manual that apple and AKAI have out there. Could someone please dumb down the steps of synching a midi controller with logic?



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hi there,


i've just bought (today) an AKAI MPK mini, and i´m also kind of new in this midi stuff. i even have a problem that is my cd driver does not work, so i'm not able to install the cd don't-know-what-editor that comes with my AKAI.


However, it works with logic pro. not everything, only the keyboard.


So i can help you with that. you need a track with a virtual instrument, and the record button on. put also some volume so you can hear a sound. and that's it!


tell me how it worked out, and if you still have problem with that.


by the way, if someone knows how can i install the cd editor without the cd, please tell me.




solange palmeira

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