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Logic 9 and a Mackie D8B

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I have a Mackie D8B mixer which can interface with Logic via MIDI and has a HUI layer that behaves like a Mackie HUI in that it offers 8 bankable faders. This works fine in that I can control fader, pan, mute, solo etc both using the D8B to control Logic and using Logic to move a physical fader.


The D8B can also use any of its channels via MIDI Mapping to control Logic. There are 72 possible channels via layers. I am using the Master layer for this so only using faders at this point. What I am trying to do is create a layer where I can control volume quickly. So I have set up the D8B MIDI Map to Send/Receive and have got control of a fader in Logic. The problem I have is that I cannot control the fader back from Logic. In my HUI layer this seems to work fine.


Now the reason this is a problem is that I intended to use my HUI layer for fine adjustments and the Master layer to make quick volume changes. However because the MIDI Mapped layer seems to be only sending data it does not refresh if I switch to HUI and make a change. What I mean is if I switch back to the Master layer that is mapped the fader positions do not update if they have been edited in the HUI layer.


So is it possible to control a hardware fader from Logic and if so what do I need to do, is something needed in the environment to send MIDI to the D8B?

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