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One track for every element of drums? [SOLVED]


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Hey all,


What I've been trying to is to have one track for each element of the drums (one track for snare, on track for bass drum, etc...), so that I can EQ each element independently.

I'm on Logic 8, and I use BFD and Battery for drums. Do you know how I can do that?


Thanks a lot !



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You don't need a separate track for each instrument in order to process (EQ etc..) them individually: you need a separate channel strip for each of them.


Click-hold the plug-in, and choose a multi-output configuration (both BFD and Battery should provide those options, so do Ultrabeat and the EXS24 in Logic).


You can then open the Mixer, find the channel strip and click the + button below the Solo button. This creates an Aux channel strip which provides an additional input for your plug-in. You can create more if you need to.


You then need to figure out how to assign sounds to different outputs in your plug-in.

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