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Have trouble installing Logic Pro 9 on my new Macbook Pro


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I've been using Logic Pro 9.0.2 on my old macbook 13' (silver unibody version) for a while now. I recently purchased a new macbook pro 15' that was released mid feb, and tried to install logic pro 9 on this laptop, but have trouble with the installation process.


When I install Logic Pro 9 on my new 15'macbook pro , the installation runs for about till about "50 mins left", and says "installing error, please contact apple software support" and stops.


I thought the installation CD might have been faulty, so i tried to use the same disc to install on my old macbook 13' (the silver unibody version), everything runs smoothly.


I tried to test other CDs, to see if my macbook pro 15' harddisk is work, and it is.


What do u guys think is the problem here?


my specs:

13' macbook, 2gb ram, 2.0 core duo, 500 gb 7200 rpm


new 15' macbook pro, 8gm ram, 2.2 quad core, 750 gb 7200 rpm

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