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Replace track with I/O Utility Re Amp

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When I re amp a snare I added reverb through a bus and compressed and eq'ed it with ourboard gear using the I/O utility.


How would I replace that original snare track with the re amp and do away with the original?


I tried making a new track and and putting the input on the same channel and hit record but it just gave me something low and weak and nothing like what I heard originally.



Any input would help.


I would for the most part like to make the reverb and the Comp stay on a new track and delete the old.




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Maybe I am getting something wrong but I put the reverb on through the I/O utility. On a snare....


I then went to track and hit Bounce and Replace Track in Place and nothing happens. When I hit Solo on the snare track all audio drops and I deleted the I/O utility and everything came back and would let me solo.


I did not see a section on anything in the manual on how to do this.


I am really stuck and confused.



Thanks so much


Joshua Badillo

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(Bounce) Mode buttons: You can create the bounce file in real time or offline:

Realtime: Creates the bounce file in real time. Use this setting when you want to bounce audio and instrument tracks, plus external MIDI sound sources that are routed into the Logic Pro Mixer via aux channels.




Last item on the page:


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Appreciate the help from both of you but what I ended up doing is

set output to a bus, create new audio track, assign that bus as input and just recorded it in real time.


I got my reverb in doing it that way. Much appreciated and thanks for the documentation.

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