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How to lock score 'parts' to a set of notes


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I'm using Logic score to create parts (due tomorrow !!) and I'm having trouble with keeping inserted parts (from the part box) in a certain measure. So here are the steps that create my issue:


1) transcribe parts and play them into Logic. Parts are inputted with midi click or step input or penciled into score or piano roll.


2) add 'parts' into the score- for the sake of this conversation I'm calling parts anything found in the part box. Repeats, double bar lines, first and second endings, text ("Verse", "Chorus"), multi measure rests.


3)Proof Read my work and find an incorrect number of bars or some other error requiring me to cut or add bars to the score. I typically use the arrange page, set the cycle start and end points at the position and number of bars I want to add and select insert time.


The result is that all the music is shifted but the "parts" stay in the same place as far as number of measures from Bar 1 but don't stay with the music which has been shifted forward or backward.


I did just notice that if I drag a region in the arrange page, the music shifts but the parts don't. So that any note that was in bar 8 would be moved to bar 10 but the 'parts' would stay in bar 8. Something like that.


How do I get "part" to remain locked to the notes of a particular measure ?

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Some symbols are "global", meaning that once you place them somewhere they aren't subject to moving when you insert or delete measures in the arrangement. Thus, there's no way to "lock" them, unfortunately.


My best advice: get the music written, edited, etc. Once you're 100% satisfied that no other slicing and dicing is required, THEN enter markup, esp. "global" type symbols. These include, but are not limited to:


• repeat signs

• double bar lines, bar endings

• multi-bar rests


As far as 1st/2nd endings, I'm not sure (I rarely use them). But if you're seeing that they stay put after inserting/deleting measures, then put them on the list of "global" symbols that really need to be added only after you've finished writing the music & arrangement.

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I did find that I couldn't do cuts and inserts using the icons in my status bar or by using hte scissors tool or smart marquee tool.


. But, using the insert(cntrl-command x) or cut (ctrl-command-z) time commands found in the edit menu of the arrange page, moved all entered parts, retaining alignment with the desire notes.


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