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Time & Pitch Machine-How to pitch down a sample w/o slow


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Select Free Mode.

Put a check next to Harmonic Correction.

Only adjust the Transposition parameter.


No it doesn't work


In "Free" mode you should be able to adjust the Pitch parameters without the Tempo parameters being affected.


So: first, make sure the Mode is set to "Free". Make sure all settings under "Tempo" have the same value in both the "Original" and "Destination" columns. Then adjust the Transposition to the desired value - the Tempo parameters should not change - is this working so far?


Then you can use the Preview button if you want but know that the Preview button will not actually perform the Time & Pitch Machine settings, all it does is play the file faster/slower so you can hear the amount of Transposition, that's it. So at this point it will sound faster if you chose a positive Transposition value. However once you click "Process", you should get exactly what you chose in the Time and Pitch machine window parameters, meaning no Tempo changes.

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