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Control surface problem with Roland A-300pro [SOLVED]


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Hi guys,


I'm new to Logic, Macs and USB MIDI interfaces, but not to recording.


I have a new Macbook Pro running Logic Pro 9, and I've just bought a Roland (Cakewalk) A-300Pro.

I went through the set up correctly and I can play soft instruments in Logic fine. MIDI is also set up correctly.


The problem I'm having is controlling Logic with it. The manual is "brief", and I think it's assuming too much.


I can see that I'm sending MIDI info, but the faders and rotary encs have no effect at all.


I've been struggling with it for a couple of days now, and would appreciate any help at all. I've googled the problem without success.





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To learn your rotary encoders and faders, use the Quick Guide to using a MIDI controller with Logic.


For buttons (Play, Stop, Rewind...), open the key command window (Preferences > Key Commands), find and select the desired command (Play, Stop etc..), click "Learn New Assignment" at the bottom right, and press the key on your keyboard.

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