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Override global tempo?


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I have a project that has various tempo changes in the global header track.


Is there a way to override the that tempo while the transport is running, without stopping, and without having to address a dialogue box that pops up? Try it in a new project to see what I'm talking about... Just set a tempo in the global tempo track, press play, then try to change tempo in the transport display.


Sure would lve to be able to change that on the fly!

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yes I realize that, and yes it is for a live performance track.

I might need to "break out" of the sequence and do an improv with another artist, and have our tempos match. some of my softsynths AND hardware synths are getting MMC midi clock from Logic, which only happens when then transport is running.


If I have a global tempo... well heck, I want the control and don't want the computer to question what I'm doing.


No matter, I'll just have 2 projects running, and switch to the 2nd project that does NOT have a tempo CC in effect.

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i see


you might be able to map the global tempo to a knob on your controller - but im not sure about that


yeah, there are some things logic just cant do in a live setting


- usually when you adjust the tempo when it is playing, everything gets out of whack and you have to stop playback and restart it


you might want to slave logic to another clock

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