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Recording a pitch change with pitchshifter?


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I was able to transpose after converting the mp3 track to wave,after some reading on forums!Surprised that the manual does not mention this under the T & P machine topic! :roll:

Is there any other way to do a transpose on audio track? Will any of the plug ins help.The apple pitch plug in does not shift in semi tones,making it's usage tough.

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When I record something while using the pitch shifter effect, is there anyway to record a change in pitch? Like for instance, if I want to have the pitchshifter at 7, and then later have it at 5 at a different time; how would I record that?

Hope its not too confusing!



Set your arrange to show Automation (hit "A" and make sure the tracks are sufficiently vertically zoomed in to show it. Now select the track, set the automation mode on it to Latch, play the project and set your pitch value to where you want it at the right times. Instead of Latch and realtime input, you can also select the Pitch parameter and draw in the right values at the right points.





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