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Magic Blue Smoke


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So I'm moving my studio. It's only from the 3rd floor to the second floor. Shouldn't be a big deal, right? Bigger room, big client worktable in the bay windows with window-seats, cooler, I'll be able to clean behind racks now, etc., etc.


So I plug in one of the Haflers that drive my rear surrounds, check connections, hit the switch....


As I watch the panel lamps illuminate, in not their usual way, my olfactory senses are starting to register that telltale sign of discrete semiconductors getting thermally very upset. Before my hand can get to the power switch, a column of blue smoke arises from the rack. Ugh.


OK. While I'm getting this thing out to someone that has an ample supply of magic blue smoke that they can put back into this thing, I'll have to dig out a replacement for now. To the old gear closet to search for a power amp!


Ah! Right on top. An old Yamaha thing. Let's see, hook it up, power it on,.... A channel's out! Grrr. What else.... oh, here's some Mitsubishi audiophiley thingy from the early 80's...... Damn! Also has a channel out! ......grumble, grumble... dig deeper.... Wow, there's that old Apt Holman One! .....Fingers crossed.... well... there's a bad cinch connector on the left in, but if I can fix that without destroying it, I think this will do the trick. If all else fails I could grab the Sony receiver from the living room, I guess. My 16 year old daughter won't be happy about that though.


What else... Of course the battery that maintains the RAM presets in my master controller is dead. The LCD display backlight is out on one of the rack samplers. Suddenly all my NI Komplete plug-ins are deauthorized......


Last night I had a dream where I was floating along on a cloud of blue smoke and I couldn't get off. What's next?!


Maybe I should have a smoke.....


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Having a smoke might help.

"Flying In A Blue Dream" by Joe Satriani.

I always found that putting my teenagers to work to be deeply satisfying and always put me in a good mood..... :)

Hope the static in the situation leaves and you get to enjoy your new studio.


Last time I saw the blue smoke, I was standing in a music store. A used warhorse Hammond B3 was up for sale. Ground pin on the plug removed. Static electricity in the salesman's body. Click, poof! blue smoke... long silence.... the customer said, "I still want it!" .. :)

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