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Loops are missing


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I started using Logic 9 under the fall of 2009 on my MacBook 13 inch. This summer I bought a new MacBook Pro 15 inch. I'm still using Snow Leopard.

I have uninstalled Logic on my old MacBook. it is apparently still left some loops on the old MacBook, but the program Logic is gone. Well, I have done a whole new installation of Logic on the new 15 inch MacBook Pro. Yesterday I found that there are drum-loops missing on the new MacBook Pro :( The strange thing is that there seems to be the same loops that are left on your old computer, that now are missing on the new. Can Logic recognize that those loops are on the other computer, and therefore choose to not install those loops? It's very strange!! What should I do? Reinstall the whole Logic studio again? Thanks for answer on this topic! :D

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