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Patching audio out, then back in.


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I am wanting to record a dry vocal into Logic, then send the audio out of the Mac, through some external effects and then back in on anther channel where I can then blend the two or do whatever with the dry and 'wet' track/s.


The problem is I am not sure what is the best way to do this?


Plug the Mac output into the effect, and the output of the effect into the input of the Mac?


Can I output just the vocal line via usb to a different mixer and then loop it back to the input? Will this allow me to listen to it real time?


Is this where re-wire comes in?


I would appreciate any observations or suggestions as I tried searching it but didn't know how to get the type of answer I am looking for.


I normally do all my processing inside the Mac (Logic, Melodyne, Compression etc etc) but I have some really nice 'real world gear' that I would like to use on some stuff, but I really want to maintain that 'dry' signal to start with so I can go back to it if I need to.


Sorry about the ramble, thanks for any help.

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