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Mouseclick problems since I use KORG nanoKEY2/KONTROL2!

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Hey everybody


I have a problem that's totally freaking me out. I got a KORG nanoKEY2 and nanoKONTROL2 two weeks ago, and installed their mini MIDI drivers (downloaded from the KORG website). Since then, every now and then when I click my mouse (left or middle or right click), the click doesn't seem to be recognized by the application under the mouse pointer! This happens system wide, so it doesn't seem to be related to a specific application.


Let's say I am in Google Chrome and place my cursor over a link: the color of the link changes, but when clicking on it, nothing happens! I have to move the cursor a few pixels and click again (or at least I seem to have to do this), and then the click is recognized. And it seems to be time related: the problems occurs only (mostly?) after I didn't click the mouse for some seconds (about four or five secons).


I have installed Mouseposé to investigate the problem a bit more, and Mouseposé shows that the mouse is clicked, even when the click isn't recognized by the application! So it seems that somewhere between the system (OS) and the application layer the click gets lost.


This is really annoying. Has anybody experienced something like that before? Is there a way to remove the MIDI drivers to see whether the problem still exists?


Thanks a lot for help, this is really freaking me out...


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