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Filter effects over time?


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Hey. I've been using Logic for 2 years now, and I'll admit I think I only know about %5 of the program, because it's so vast! I love electronic music, so I love learning how to create and operate the program. I'm always fascinated at the complexity of everything, and it's super intimidating, and I like that even more.




In electronic music I've always loved when a pattern goes through a filter effect over time. LIke increasing or decreasing cutoff, or going through a low or high filter. Now, the only thing I've come across that makes sense to me is the the AutoFilter. I get the 'rate' function, and usually set it at 8 or 16 bars to make a gentle sweep effect. But I've noticed it only filters it's volume? I'm worried that to do sweeping cutoff filter effects I'll need a MIDI keyboard with the knobs (which I don't have with me right now), so I was wondering if theres a way to automate it. I hope this makes sense.

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