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Playback plug in markers - wait until previous section ends


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Is there a way to have playback markers in the Mainstage Playback plug in wait until the previous marker segment finishes playing> For example in live performance you have marker for verse , vamp, and the chorus. You may want to hit verse then while it plays hit the chorus but have it wait to start until verse ends, then hit verse again but have it wait to start until the chorus ends etc. The way the markers work when they jump will not allow this to hapen. This is a very common function in loopers like Digitech's Jamman and is very useful ....you can rearrange the song on the fly then and not worry about hitting play on a marker right when you want it to happen. Thx for any input on this. I find the playback function very limiting without this.
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yep, there is a way to do this:


Go to layout mode, and create some buttons for your markers, (for example, one button for verse, one button for vamp, one button for chorus)


go into edit mode, where you have your patch with the playback plugin


Open up playback, on the bottom left there is an option: Snap To: - Go to that menu and select "wait for marker"


Now, go to your screen controls (the three buttons) and select the first one, we're gonna map that to your verse marker in playback, so once you select it, hopefully you'll see a little blue outline around it, and down at the bottom menu of mainstage, you'll see that it's unmapped. So, you should see a list of items for mapping below, and one of them should be the name of the channel strip that your playback plugin is on.


Select it and then select "Playback" in the next menu, then select "Transport folder"

Then select "Go To Marker" THEN in the next column to the right you'll see a Range parameter - select whatever marker you want this button to be mapped to, (For example select verse)


OKAY YAY! do the same thing for all the buttons/markers you have in a song - and basically what will happen is that you can hit any of the markers (verse for example) and Playback will not switch to the verse until the next marker comes up.


I know that was a long explanation, but hey, you can never be too thorough right?



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