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Mackie MCU Pro issues

Lord Jackson

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I have just started having some issues with my MCU, when I load any new or existing sessions the unit does not work, i.e. all fader's down, all pot's are to hard left and the signal light is on on fader 8? no messages on the scribble strip but does gives notice when any issues with logic are loading i.e. (name track if new etc)


anyone heard of this before as i cant find anything about it on the web, the only thing i have added to my rig is an old Roland PC-200 mk2 midi keyboard and that was plugged via midi din to port 2 on the MCU but it was working 100% fine yesterday ??


iv used Midi monitor to see if there are any constant sent messages but nothing and it does pick up every message when i move a fader or pot on the MCU etc.



Any ideas?

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