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Distributing load over more than 1 Mac?


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Hi all. Currently I have GuitarRig loaded as a plug in for Logic 9. I have an old mac mini I would like to dedicate to Guitar Rig as a processor, but have it linked as seamlessly as it is now (that is, being installed together with Logic on the same computer).


So can one have "plug ins" running on separate Mac's and jabber back to Logic on the main Mac over Ethernet or Firewire?


I have no idea if this can be done; heck I don't even know what its "called" to search for information on.


Hopefully if it can be done, it does not require another copy of Logic! :(


Any help or guidance is much appreciated.



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Just as a couple of quick tips, which seems to often be overlooked when using nodes and 3rd party FX plugins..


Make sure you have installed, on both/all computers to be 'noded' as well as the main computer from where you are running Logic itself, ... the exact same version of the FX plugins you will be utilizing. If any of your FX plugins on your main host computer are updated then make sure you also update the ones running on the auxiliary computers too.


Also make sure you copy the exact same version of Logic Node from your main computer to your auxiliary computers and also remember to do this again, every time you update Logic itself just in case they update Logic Node too..


Finally watch out for little popup dialog windows opening on the auxiliary computers by the FX plugin being used... Close these down when they open (They do not appear on the main host computer so you will need to check the auxiliary ones..) otherwise this can cause a few timing issues.


I often use Logic Node to spread the load of FX across my computers and find it to be very useful but it can be a little 'touchy' at times too... with occasional timing and 'glitching' issues depending on the load being distributed and the FX plugins being used. Some seem to work much better than others. Try it out and see for yourself.

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