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Axiom 25 2nd Gen - How to set it up in Logic ?


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Hello there,


I'm a newbee with Logic (I was working with cubase for a while).

I just bought a MAC with Logic and and Axiom 25 2nd gen.

I setup Logic without problems.


When i plug My Axiom only the keyboard work, the controls do not.

I check if the M-audio was listed on the controlers but it did not.

I check on M-Audio web site and they apparently do not provide drivers, directlink files for my version of Logic and Mac (osx Lion and Logic updated to 9.1.5).


Does it mean that i have to assignate manually all the Axiom controls in Logic ?

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I have the Axiom Pro so it doesn't work the same way as yours - but I believe the 2nd gen Axiom has a way to automatically assign controls. I would look inside your Axiom manual for help regarding that.


Otherwise, you can do it from Logic, using this guide:


Quick Guide to using a MIDI controller with Logic

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