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looking for information!

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I've been learning logic 9 for the last 3 months with great help from this forum and from David's book.


Now I want to learn more on tracking, mixing etc.

Where should I look to learn about those kind of questions?

Here's the kind of questions I'm looking for answers..


-On my drums (snare, kick, hats, toms, etc) what level am I aiming for, how many db's?

-On my global Drum track with parallel compression hoe many db's?

-Should my room mics go trough par comp?

- How many guitar tracks should I go for? 1 rhythm each side hard pan, double them on each side and lead guitars in center?

-For vocals, should I double them? or only on chorus etc

-For bass should I double them? etc


*I'm playing rock music (alternative rock??). Drums, 2 guitars bass and vocals.

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Just as a quick response...


There are no hard and fast rules or answers to your questions..


It's all about what you hear and what you want... You needs and what sounds good to you.. may be totally different to someone else's... so trust your own ears.. and try different mixes to see what works out best...


It's kind of like asking... "Do you think i should follow an A Minor chord with a C Major or a E Minor... " It all depends on the song and where you want it to go... not the order of the chords themselves.

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Regarding your questions about levels, the .pdf linked in this thread has very good information: http://www.logicprohelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=57055


As for how/when to double, or which channels should go through your parallel compression etc., experimentation will give you a much deeper understanding than just having someone say "this is how you should do it".


The only rules in recording are the laws of physics.

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