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Problem with uneven software instrument playback


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hey everyone, i recorded a synth pad chord progression in logic (8 bars long). I quantized it and then copy+pasted it 4 times. I added a bit of cutoff filter automation on the last 2 repetitions of the progression but that's besides the point. When playing back the recording, the first 8 bars (1 play through of chord progression) flow nicely, but when it gets to the the chord change from the first chord to the second on the second repetition of the chord progression (bar 11) the volume sort of cuts out and fades back in. The volume discrepancy is subtle, but i want the whole synth part to be even. I don't know why this is happening as all 4 copy and pasted regions are exactly the same. I included an mp3 of the synth part with a metronome click so you can listen for yourself. Any insight as to what the problem is and any possible solutions would be very helpful! thanks
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