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Which Core Audio Driver should I download?


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I'm having a hard time deciphering which Digi Core Audio Driver I need. I am trying to use Digidesign M-Box Mini. My computer is 10.6.4. When I go to the website, there are versions that say they have only been tested on 10.5 or 10.2, or there are some that are standalone (which I assume I need, since I don't use protools). I'm just having trouble figuring it out.


Can anyone help? Thanks.

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I downloaded a driver. I believe I found the right one, because now the Mbox seems to be running. (The "USB" light is on, which it wasn't before. It's attached to my computer with the USB.)


But NOW the trouble: I am unable to open Logic. I have attached a pic of what comes up when I try to open Logic.


What have I done wrong?




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I think the answer you are looking for can be found here...




First though, you should uninstall the driver you already installed by following these instructions..


Removing the Digidesign CoreAudio Driver

To manually uninstall, remove the "Digidesign CoreAudio.plugin" file from the following location on your hard drive: Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL

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