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Playback-plugin does not start exactly when I press button?


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Hi, my name is Mattias, I´m looking for Mainstage-help.

I´m a musician from Sweden touring with a show that requires lots of very precise sample and backtrack starts. I play both keyboard and V-drums and now I´m playing backtracks from the seq in the Triton Studio that has newer failed me.

I´m starting to work with Mainstage and here´s my problem:


I can´t get the playback-plugin to start exactly when I press the button/footswich. there is a great latency (about a quarternote at tempo 190).

My second problem is that I would like to start playback when I release the footswich. So, no playback when I press down the footswich (standby-mode) and a precise start when I take my foot away from the pedal.


I´s there anyone out there to help me. I have a MacBook Pro 17´with Apogee Duet2 SC, no latency at all while playing sounds from Mainstage.


Hoping for answers.


Mattias Frisk

Malmoe Academy of Music

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Hi Mattias,


What is the status of your Playback "Snap to" button. For it to start as you press the play button, it should set to "Off".


For the playback to play when you release your footswitch, you have to select "invert paramter range" in the map paramter area for your footswitch mapping

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Not so sure about the above suggestions, but as a side note, I think the idea of pressing a switch to "prepare" the Playback, and releasing said switch to "precisely play it" sounds like a cool idea, but a bit overkill, and not really necessary.


I use Playback extensively, my current MS rig is setup to play 20 loopbacks per song.

If you don't need those loopbacks to snap to tempo, then lucky you,

the only delay you will get is latency from your soundcard.


If the loopbacks ARE set to match tempo, how those loopbacks get triggered is entirely up to you...they can start on the Bar, or the beat.

If the "Beat" resolution isn't accurate enough for you, a simple work around it to double the tempo. I have 2 songs that are technically 74-78 BPM, but Mainstage believes them to be 148 BPM, so I know my Loopbacks will start when I want. If I have an entire stems of music, I prefer to let them start on the next Bar, but if I am layering loops, I prefer them to be under MY control and are set to Beat. Even though I make mistakes, and my timing is not always perfect, I do get a perverse thrill from the "DJ'ing" aspect of it, and like the adrenaline rush from a "trainwreck."javascript:emoticon(':wink:')



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