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Anybody using Logic9 for live performance?


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I am sure others will answer.


Logic is more suited for recording and MS is more for performance.


I would not even consider using Logic for a live performance because of all the burps and hiccups it goes thru when recording.


I did use MS as a keyboard set up, but now I am back to the good old hardware keyboards as they are extremely light weight and still loaded with all the sounds/combinations I need. Patch selection and potential latency got to be too much to worry about. That's in a live band situation.


In a solo/backing track situation, I use backing tracks played from iTunes. Every so often it seems like the computer resets itself back to the beginning and there is a 1 second pause in the audio. If there is audio happening when this 'reset' occurs, I get 1 second of dead silence. It happened one night and since then, I simply use an iPod now.


I have stated many times that the drunk at the bar doesn't know, or give a rats ass if you are using Logic, Mainstage, or any other software. He doesn't know or care if you are riverdancing all over a pedal board, or if the set is preprogrammed. All he knows is that you are on a stage performing ... and you better sound good.


So my point is to keep it simple unless you are putting on some type of looping/controller show. I hope you are able to recall this when your computer screws up during a live performance. They may toss you in the river if you ever mess up in Chicago. :lol:

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You know, I initially started to try to use Logic for my live shows, but the set-up, at least for the way I wanted to work, was pretty cumbersome. Of course, I use Logic all the time for recording during the day and love it, but at nights I play live, and for that Logic didn't seem all that intuitive.


So, I dug into MainStage, and found that MainStage was much better adapted for live performance -- at least for my particular work-flow preferences.


The two things I like most about MainStage over Logic are:


1) Setting up the patches -- Making splits and creating patches couldn't be easier. Seriously. And copying/pasting channel strips, or whole patches really speeds up the set-up time.


2) User interface -- Just as I really like Logic's user interface for recording, I really like MainStage's user interface for performances. My patch set-ups are usually fairly extensive. Usually between 60-100+ patch changes (each with its own set of splits, etc.) for any given show. The way the patches are organized on the screen is preferable to me than it would be in Logic.

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