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Online Storage and Cloning Suggestions

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I have two Mac's.

Tell me I'm ok here.


I'll get two 1TB LaCie 2.0 USB Ext. drives and clone to them.

They cost about $60 ea.


My Macs have small drives compared to the new ones.

After I clone, can I add additional files to the cloned drive that would exceed the original Mac's capacity should a restore ever be necessary?


Then if I should ever need to restore I would removed the added files before restoring.


I need to use the cloned drive for additional space. I hope I'm clear enough here.


Thanks for looking.

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saw your other post.


i've been using crashplan for over a year now; it runs invisibly in the background (i will pause it sometimes when i'm mixing; i only do midi here in logic, i do vocals elsewhere).


it's been invaluable twice; i replace a crashed logic file with an earlier save, and a text file i somehow trashed (i guess).


i only backup my home folder (and the logic app support folder).

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