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2 Keyboards - moving 1 controller moves both screen versions


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I've been using Mainstage for a while, and just noticed something that's started happening - I think just recently.


In my main Layout setup, I have 2 keyboards, both of them have on-screen controllers that represent modulation and pitch wheels. One keyboard transmits on midi channel 1, the other transmits on midi channel 3.


When I move a wheel on either keyboard, I see the wheel on both on-screen keyboards moving.


I can fix this by selecting the on-screen controller that I don't want to affect and assigning it to the specific channel strip and the appropriate software instrument's midi controller number... but... why would the controller assigned at Layout level on midi channel 1 even be able to respond to controller input from midi channel 3?


Interestingly, if I move the pitch wheel or modulation wheel on the midi channel 3 keyboard while holding down a note on midi channel 1's keyboard - there is no pitch change or modulation. But the onscreen controller moves the same as the controller on the other keyboard. It's not a deal-breaker... but disturbing to see because it seems to indicate that something is routed the wrong way.


Any thoughts or explanations?

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I BELIEVE I understand your issue:


I will describe mine, and how it was solved, and maybe you can gleen something from it.

Using a Roland Gr-20 guitar synth, I found that when I switch between electric guitar and synth, there is a MIDI message being sent. That MIDI message was causing ALL of MS faders to go to MAXIMUM. javascript:emoticon(':roll:')


What I conluded, is that MS does have a certain...MIDI template that it uses, and for whatever reason, I cannot seem to find it.


First of all, do all your MIDI mappings at a concert level, but do NOT assign those MIDI mappings to functions.

Make a new set, a new patch, and work on a SET level, if you want Keyboard "A" to control function "A".


This way, you have control over how your keyboards function on a "per song" basis, rather than an "always do this" basis.


My gtr synth problem was solved by building a dummy button into MS, "Learn"ing it to my switch, and then telling it NOT to pass through the MIDI.

Since I don't need more screen clutter, I buried the switch behind something else so I don't need to see it.

Works like a charm, good luck



Check out my MS live rig here:

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I had the same thing happen as TREATMENT -- rogue MIDI messages moving faders -- and found that if you know which device is sending them, assigning a MIDI activity control to that device will field these errant messages and keep them from wandering about doing who knows what.


Along the same lines, watch out for hard-wired MIDI controls on certain Logic instruments.

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