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Cool Psychedelic Delay Effect

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I'm trying to recreate a cool effect that I found on the album "The American Metaphysical Circus" by Joe Boyd & the field hippies.




(effect starts around 3.20)


The phrase "Waiting to die" is repeated first with slow intervals, but then faster and faster so that the words get tangled up in each other. Finally the repetitions are so fast so that the original phrase is heard clearly again.


I assume this was achieved through running the phrase backwards through a delay unit of some kind, and then beeing played back forwards. but i don't know if there is a delay that make the intervals longer and longer? how could this be done in logic? all help appreciated!


Best -



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Thanks for your reply! I'm so spoiled with effect plugins so I never even thought about the possibility of just copy/pasting. Will try that for sure and it will probably save time from trying to find the correct effect setting.


While I'm at it I also want to ask if you know about the type of delay often used on Jimi Hendrix early records (e.g. on "1983") where a phrase is repeated (as with an ordinary delay) but also get "tuned down" more for each repetition. Probably done with tape effects in those days but I wonder if there is a delay plugin that could emulate that effect.


Thanks -


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You can do that by using a delay and slowing down tape, or using a tape delay, or even any analog delay unit by manipulating the delay time while the audio is being processed.


A way to do it in Logic would be to use a delay, bounce the result as an audio file, and use a speed fade (slow down) at the end of the audio file.

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