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MPK25 Record Button

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Hi Folks,


so far im very happy with Logic. I recorded a few guitar tracks. I wanted to get deeper and bought myself an akai mpk25. After I unpacked it i was very dissapointed that there wasn't any logic preset. Poor akai :D. Now Im trying to map the keys,knobs and pads where I want them to have. But I cant assign the record key. Has anyone a clue how to do this? Or can someone help me via skype? If it all works how i want to I'm willing to donate a small amount for the forum!


Greets Luke

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Your MPK's transport buttons (Play, Record, etc) can send MMC commands which Logic will respondo to.


All you need to do in Logic is to go to Settings > Synchronization> MIDI and under MIDI Machine Control (MMC) check the Listen to MMC Input box. Keep in mind this is a project setting, so unless you save it as a template you'll have to check that box for each new project you begin to work on.


On the MPK, you need to make sure the transport buttons are sending MMC commands (you can set them to MMC or MMC/MIDI either will work) an then save the preset after the settings have been made.


For details on setting the transport buttons to sends MMC check page 30 of the MPK's manual (it's really easy, by the way).


On page 9 you can find how to save a preset.





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