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bug with 'replace parameter label'??


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Has anyone else experienced the 'replace parameter label' not working? I have a volume pedal mapped to master vol at concert level, but have also mapped it at patch level to the channel strip volume for a particular synth and chosen 'overide concert mapping' so it only controls the synth when that patch is selected. Works great. Then I have selected 'replace parameter label' and named it synth volume instead of 'master volume' which I named on the layout page. So I assumed that when I select the patch, the parameter name would change in the workspace window. IT DOESN"T. have I done something wrong or is this a bug? Custom colours change but not the name. Any ideas?


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The problem here is that "Hardware Labels" in Layout are global.


If you assign the Display to be "Parameter", this will work correctly.


Alternatively, having assigned the "Parameter" display in Layout Mode, you can then Replace the Parameter Label at Concert, and then Set/Patch levels as required.




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