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Template to toggle between outputs in Logic.

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Hey, just thought I'd share this template that I use.


I've find it really helpful as it lets you toggle between two different outputs by just pressing a button.


Really helpful if you are going between monitors and headphones, or between two sets of monitors and you don't have any sort of control surface to do it for you.


In the template there is a small button at the bottom right of each screen-set, clicking it will toggle the mutes between outputs 1-2 and outputs 3-4.


Hope this helps a few people.

Headphone Toggle.logic.zip

Put this in User>Library>App Support>Logic>Project Templates


(If you are on OSX lion you won't be able to see the library in the user file, to see it just go to the "GO" drop down menu in fender and hold option and the library will

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