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Firewire audio dropout: midi audition causing it?

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I have a TC desktop konnekt 6 firewire interface and it seems to dropout and require a restart in logic, when I select a group of midi notes in logic. I'm guessing it is the quick previewing/playing of the selected midi notes that the interface cannot "handle". Is there any solution to this? My composing technique requires a lot of midi editing with the mouse, so I was wondering if there was some type of setting in Logic that when you select, say a region of 50 midi notes, the instant preview/playing of these notes will not overload the firewire audio interface? Thanks.


Ok I think the function that I am referring to is midi audition. It appears this midi audition of a huge group of notes at once is crashing my soundcard. I can unclick the midi out box but then I can't hear any midi notes, so basically is there any settings to make the midi audition function easier on my soundcard? It appears it's not every time that this crashes the card, but every time it has crashed, it was when I midi auditioned a bunch of notes?? I was able to crash my old motu interface with some type of soloing and flex editing I'm sure overloads the interface like the midi audition is doing as well. Seems like little "bugs" that are crashing otherwise very nice interfaces..

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