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General Feedback on a Remix!


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Hey guys!

I'm new to these Forums, however!

I've been told this is a great place for feedback!


This is my remix - http://soundcloud.com/matt-jones/a-long-night-rundfunk-remix

And this is the original - http://soundcloud.com/rundfunkmusic/a-long-night


I'm quite new to Electronic/Synth composition and- as you will see there is a lack

of this style on my page


I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this one!



- Matt

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I agree with jazzymiles -

When i composed the original I was focused on promoting a completely different feel in comparison to your remix. As jazzy said, it feels a lot more dissonant...very interesting.


its nice to hear my track under someone else's influence, good job.

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