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Adding drums, nearly complete song, not recorded to click


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Hey folks.


I've got a nearly complete folk/roots album I've been working on in my new project studio for the last several months.


I have no way of recording drums at home, and I just moved out to the country, where I know not a soul. (thus, no option of recording a live drummer)


The songs were not recorded to a click, and some of them have a 'fluid sense of time.' :)

Is there a way to now add drums to the tracks?


I'm finding beat-mapping very difficult to wrap my head around.


Any good videos that explain the process? All the ones I found didn't apply.


Thanks so much.

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Honestly it would be very hard for any drummer to play along to a song that has a "fluid" tempo.


If you want to program your drums, however, then you can easily do it using beat mapping. Beat mapping will allow you to have Logic's grid follow your "fluid" tempo, so that anything you program to the grid will now have that tempo and follow the rest of the song.


The manual will explain the procedure, but let us know if you have questions!

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