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Why is my main out louder than the only audio channel strip?


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I'm just having a little mess about with some synths here, all hardware but routed through my interface coming thru Logic. I set the gain on the interface so I had plenty of headroom but when I started playing I was getting a bit of distortion in my headphones.


I opened up the Saffire Mix Control to see what was happening there & sure enough the main outs were clipping, I lowered the gain so that it wasn't clipping any more then checked to see if there was anything wrong with the way I had set up Mix Control - everything looks in order apart from the levels coming in (-7.6db) were a lot less than the levels coming back out (-1.6db).


I checked Logic to see what was happening there, same thing the audio strip is showing -7.7db & the main out is showing -1.6db :?


I'm using my Macbook right now as my main computer is off being repaired so I can't check with that but I don't think I've had this happen before, there is nothing else playing here apart from one analog synth coming into my interface then straight back to the main outs, no plug-ins or anything else being used. Can you suggest anywhere I should check to make sure I haven't got some strange setting going on?



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