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Annoying popup window [SOLVED]

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I dont know how this happened but i have this annoying pop up window that tells me what im doing everytime I do something on my mac.(See attachment)

If i click on a new app open a new page in firefox or anything it actually tells me that I am doing it.




Can anybody please suggest something or somehow to get rid of it!






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OK then I'm moving this to the Control Room.


What version of Mac OS X? Wondering if this could be a new "Universal Access" feature in Lion? Can you check the status of Universal Access in your Apple menu > System Preferences, under "Universal Access"? That looks like it could be a help tag for the mouse keys feature, which allows you to use the keyboard instead of the mouse.


Otherwise, have you installed any other app recently that could be responsible for that behavior?

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It was the universal access feature.


I dont know how it happened but thankyou so much!!!!


Can you imagine how annoying it is when each time you click your mouse on something a robotic voice tells you what you just did.


Thanks again David.

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